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Two-component injection-moulding tools for the manufacture of high-quality parts

LANGER is your competent partner with all-round service for the manufacture of two-component tools. Customers from all industrial sectors profit from our services in custom tool development. We manufacture multi-component tools in a wide range of shapes and sizes and find the ideal solution for every order.
Use our high-quality aluminium and steel moulds among others for the following applications:
  • Injection-compression moulding 
  • MuCell® / chemical foaming
  • Integration of heating duct systems
  • Fusible core injection moulding 
  • Internal gas-assisted injection moulding 
  • Water-injection moulding
  • Extrusion blow moulding / plastic housing 
  • Assembly injection moulding 
  • Two-component injection moulding 
  • Moulding around inserts
During the design of two-component injection-moulding tools, we draw on 48 years’ experience gained during our company's history. We ensure the consistently high quality of our products using computer tomography, laser scanning as well as optical and tactile measurement, among other methods. We deliver to customers all around the world and pay heed to a resource-conserving and sustainable way of working during mould construction.

Two-component tools: This is why customers rely on injection moulds from LANGER

In two-component injection moulding, parts are manufactured out of two types of plastic. The plastics used can differ either with regard to colour or also with regard to the material properties. Two-component injection moulding enables complex parts to be manufactured in a single step and is thus an exceedingly flexible and economical method.

We at LANGER specialise in the manufacture of precision two-component injection-moulding tools. From simple to highly complex moulds, we provide you with custom tools in wide-ranging sizes. Our competencies also include the manufacture and assembly of component groups. Our high-quality two-component injection-moulding tools allow for cost-saving and reliable manufacturing of multi-component parts in all industrial sectors.

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Reinhold Wesselak – Sales manager for tools / injection moulding
Sales manager for moulding tools / injection moulding
Reinhold Wesselak
+49 7558 930-806
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Jens Scheuble – Head of department for prototype moulding tools
Head of the prototype injection-moulding tool department
Jens Scheuble
+49 7558 930-107
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Martin Schlegel - Head of department for serial moulding tools
Head of the series injection-moulding tool department
Martin Schlegel
+49 7558 930-805
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Two-component injection-moulding tool: Flexible manufacturing from a single source

As an all-round service provider in mould construction, we want to cater for your wishes quickly and directly. LANGER thus excels due to short decision-making paths, customer-oriented production control, 24-hour production and express service. Numerous satisfied customers bear witness to our high degree of customer orientation. Among others, we receive orders for two-component tools from customers in the automotive, construction, medical technology, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering sectors.

From consultancy to quality control, you receive all services from a single source. In the process, the communication via EDI enables simple and flexible data exchange with our customers.
Customers in the following fields also profit from our high quality standards:

Plastic injection moulding
Cubing model construction
Inspection tool and gauge manufacturing
Renewable energy

Uncompromising quality in tool construction

We implement your wishes in tool manufacturing precisely down to the last detail. State-of-the-art quality control measures and experienced staff ensure the consistently high quality of our products. 

Exemplary sustainability: Two-component injection-moulding tools from responsible manufacturing

We set great store by environmentally friendliness during all process steps. Our tool construction is extremely sustainable and resource-conserving. We minimise the amount of waste material and recycle where possible. Furthermore, we offer reusable packaging for finished products. 

Compact overview of services

Compatible materialsPolypropylene (PP, PP-GF), thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), polyamides (PA, PA-GF), glass fibres
Mould size96x96 mm to 1396x1396 mm
Tool weightUp to 10 t
Closing force20 t to 900 t
Tools Two-component tools, two-component turntable tools, hybrid tools
TechnologiesTwo-component manufacturing, transfer technology, valve gate technology, rotary slider technology
Assembly work Ultrasonic welding of plastics, vibration welding of plastics
Certificates ISO 14001, IATF 16949, ISO 50001, ISO 9001, DIN ISO 45001, TISAX, AEO, Energy Efficiency and German Sustainability Code

Types of multi-component manufacturing at a glance

Today, it is impossible to imagine modern industry without two-component injection-moulding tools. Use our high-quality multi-component tools and profit from the wide range of possible applications offered by this manufacturing process.
  • Colour combinations: Multi-component tools are a particularly efficient way of implementing ambitious colour schemes. Instead of dying or painting the parts during a second step, the material used already possesses the desired colouration. That gives the parts an elegant and high-quality appearance and is also a very cost-saving method of manufacturing coloured components.
  • Material combinations: Two-component injection moulding enables two different materials to be combined. This results in numerous ways to realise certain component properties or functions. Caps, sports glasses and electrical appliances are just a few examples for typical applications in industry.
  • Assembly injection moulding: Using multi-component injection moulding, component groups with parts that can move against each other are manufactured. These parts can possess, for example, joint and hinge functions. Injection moulding and assembly thus become a single step, which results in a significant time saving, especially when producing large quantities.
Depending on the requirements, the two plastics used can have a clear separation or run into each other. To produce a clear separation, an unfinished part is produced in a first step and then subsequently overmoulded. If the raw materials are to run into each other, the components are injected before the first one has solidified.

Your project is in good hands with the LANGER GROUP

✔ Pre-engineering
Before the actual manufacturing, we contribute our huge repertoire of know-how and experience to your project.  
virtuelle simulation
✔ Virtual simulation
We avoid rejects and waste material and save time and costs by digitally testing the injection process beforehand.
✔ Automation
Thanks to a high degree of automation, we manufacture high-quality parts in large quantities on a daily basis.
weltweite lieferung
✔ Global delivery
We offer quality "made in Germany” and that all around the world. We would also be happy to deliver plastic injection-moulded parts to your country.

Two-component tools: How is a project conducted at LANGER?

As a full-service partner, we are ready to support you during every step of your project. A qualified contact person is available to help you at all times. This is how a project is conducted at LANGER:


Our specialists contribute their skills to your order right from the start. Qualified staff from different departments work together to find the perfect solution to cater for your needs. In this way, you profit from our wealth of experience and know-how during every phase of your project. 

Design and development

We assume responsibility for the complete planning and design of your tools. Upon request, we support you during the design of parts that are suitable for the tools and the injection moulding process. Tell us what your tools are required for and which properties they should have. If you already have a draft design, we would be happy to help with its further optimisation.

Multi-component tool construction

One of our core competencies is the manufacture of high-quality two-component injection-moulding tools. Your expectations with regard to the finished product are put into practice with absolute precision.

Quality control

When you commission LANGER to manufacture two-component tools, nothing is left to chance. After all, the key factors for tool construction are absolute precision and close tolerances. Our in-house quality control includes laser scanning, optical and tactile measurement, 3D measurement as well as 3D coordinate measurement. The evaluation is carried out using the software Polyworks. We create measurement reports for your parts according to the drawing or the measuring plan. Meticulous measurement equipment management guarantees the reliability of all control processes.

Logistics service

We deliver all around the world and are familiar with the challenges that can arise with international shipments. For this reason, we offer our customers comprehensive storage and logistics solutions including customs clearance and a transport service. In the process, we pay attention to continuous article traceability. We would be happy to enter individual agreements with regard to our customers’ post-series and spare-parts supply. 

Flexible tool construction for every requirement

We offer customers in all industries comprehensive services regarding all aspects of two-component injection-moulding tool design and construction. The requirements on injection moulds vary depending on the industrial sector and project. That is why we cater for the wishes of every customer individually.

The following is a small excerpt from our mould construction service portfolio:
  • Injection-moulding tools for cable ducts
  • Injection-moulding tools for cable brackets
  • Injection-moulding tools for air ducts
  • Injection-moulding tools for covers
  • Injection-moulding tools for brackets
  • Injection-moulding tools for panels
  • Injection-moulding tools for structural components
  • Injection-moulding tools for intake manifolds
  • Injection-moulding tools for cylinder head covers
  • Injection-moulding tools for housings for thermal control units (oil management units)
  • Injection-moulding tools for dehumidifiers
  • Injection-moulding tools for air filters
  • Injection-moulding tools for expansion tanks
  • Moulding around inserts (bushings, strainers, fleece, fabric)
  • Filter housings
  • Air flap systems
  • Cylinder head covers
  • Engine compartment parts
  • Small fixtures in general

Two-component injection-moulding tools "made in Germany":
Full service for maximum customer satisfaction

LANGER is your mould construction specialist with all-round service. We consider ourselves to be not only a service provider, we would also like to provide you with comprehensive support during your project. With our broad service portfolio, we are ready to help you with every stage of your work. From the idea to the finished tool to the production of your plastic parts, we are the ideal partner for every industry and every project.

Let us convince you, too, through our customer-oriented way of working. Close cooperation with our customers, transparency and on-time delivery are just a few examples of the qualities that distinguish us as a tool manufacturer. Our qualified employees welcome every new challenge and would be happy to also find the ideal solution for your project.  
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Sales manager for moulding tools / injection moulding
Reinhold Wesselak
+49 7558 930-806
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