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Precise data control models for the product development

If you are looking for a competent partner for high-quality data control models, at LANGER you have come to the right place. Use our precise cubing models to check your design data and to optimise products. The dimensions, forms and functions of our data control models correspond exactly to your specifications. Your requirements and wishes are taken into account down to the smallest detail by our qualified staff.
✔ Pre-engineering
Before the actual manufacturing, we contribute our huge repertoire of know-how and experience to your project.  
virtuelle simulation
✔ Virtual simulation
We avoid rejects and waste material and save time and costs by digitally testing the injection process beforehand.
✔ Automation
Thanks to a high degree of automation, we manufacture high-quality parts in large quantities on a daily basis.
weltweite lieferung
✔ Global delivery
We offer quality "made in Germany” and that all around the world. We would also be happy to deliver plastic injection-molded parts to your country.

Data control models for validation and optimisation: Your advantages at LANGER

In the field of cubing model construction, we offer a wide range of different model types in order to optimally support you during your individual project.
The maximum measuring size is 12,000 x 3,200 x 2,400 mm and the maximum milling size is 6,000 x 2,850 x 2,100 mm.

Our products at a glance:
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  • Design models 
  • Functional models 
  • Data control models 
  • PrüfCUB (assembly cube)
  • E-Cub 
  • Interior cube 
  • Combinated cube 
  • Feas cube 
  • Partial cube for checking gaps 
  • Plexiglass screens 
  • Laminating moulds 
  • Callipers 
  • Parts-mounting model
  • Partial cube 
  • Climate model / climate cube 
  • Cube for leak tests 
  • Modular cube 
  • Boundary layer model
  • Partial tolerance model
  • Moulds 
  • Installation dummy 
  • Preform 
  • Milling fixtures 
  • Rear-end cube 
  • Front-end cube 
  • Prototype 
  • Nominal model 
  • Laminated models 
  • Tolerance model 
  • Reference model 
  • Carbon fibre model 
  • Glass fibre models 
  • Bodywork model construction 
  • Show car 
  • Prototyping
  • Free-form models
When manufacturing data control models, we draw on 49 years’ experience gained during our company's history. We deliver worldwide and offer a comprehensive logistics service. We place great store by a resource-conserving and sustainable way of working during the manufacturing process.

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Sales manager for cubing- / models
Jürgen Burkert
+49 7558 930-102
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Head of cubing- / model department
Cihan Calik
+49 7558 930-105
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Flexible manufacturing: The best manufacturing process for every requirement

Our qualified staff are happy to help you check and optimise your innovative draft design of your product. In order to cater for all customer requirements in the field of data control model construction on an individual basis, we at LANGER work with a wide variety of different technologies. We have the best solution for every requirement.

Our manufacturing processes at a glance:
  • NC machining
  • Vacuum infusion process
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Plexiglass forming / vacuum extrusion
  • Lightweight construction
  • FDM
  • Selective laser melting (SLM)
  • Selective laser sintering (SLS)
  • Stereolithography (SLA)
  • PolyJet printing
  • Foil plotting
Whether you have only a sketch or already have a finished 3D model of your design: We will join you at the present stage of your design. If required, we are happy to take on responsibility for the CAD design of your model right from the start. After the manufacturing stage, we will take care of the finishing, polishing, sandblasting, painting and assembly. 3D scans, data feedback and comprehensive measurement services ensure the consistently high quality of our products.

Upon request, we assemble your cubing model directly at your premises. This ensures that you can perform your measurements precisely and correctly.  

Data control models "made in Germany": Full service for maximum customer satisfaction

At LANGER you profit from all-round service and quality "made in Germany". We consider ourselves to be not only a service provider, we would also like to provide you with comprehensive support during your project. With our broad service portfolio that goes far beyond just the manufacture of data control models, we are ready to help you with every stage of your work. From the idea to the finished part, we are the ideal partner for every industry and every project.

Let us convince you, too, through our customer-oriented way of working. Close cooperation with our customers, transparency and on-time delivery are just a few examples of the qualities that distinguish us as a reliable partner. Our qualified employees welcome every new challenge and would be happy to also find the ideal solution for your project. 
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Sales manager for cubing- / models
Jürgen Burkert
+49 7558 930-102
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